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Pulse Ox5500

Pulse Ox5500 Pulse Oximeter
MSRP: $295.00
Price: $157.00
You Save: $138.00 (47 %)
Manufacturer: SPO Medical

Pulse Ox5500 Pulse Oximeter

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The Pulse Ox5500 is the worlds first spot check monitor for blood oxygen saturation and heart rate use reflectance pulse oximetry (RPO). The PulseOx 5500 Pulse Oximeter uses SPO Medical's patented technology to provide a medical device to patients. This pulse ox is more usable for patients, and less expensive to operate than those other pulse oximeters.

Pulse Ox5500 Pulse Oximeter Features:

» Highly Resistant To Many Forms Of Motion, Reducing Its Susceptibility To The Motion Artifacts Which Typical Pulse Oximeters Produce
» Long-Lasting Battery - Over 1,000 Hours, Using Only A Fraction Of The Power Of Other Pulse Oximeters
» Completely Nail Polish Tolerant - No Matter How Dark The Color
» 2 Year Manufactures Warranty
» Manufactured According To Environmentally Friendly Standards

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